Randall Calado likes to play easy listening piano solos. His songs are positive, relaxing, and hopeful. 


Randy made his first solo piano album in 2018. The album is called Cherish and contains positive, hopeful piano solos. Blake Armstrong played drums in the song Momentum. 


Randy completed a new piano album this year called Onward featuring more piano songs of hope and encouragement. Onward, the theme song, is upbeat with drums and bass added to the piano notes. Randy feels honored to have Sal Russo, guitarist for Aviator Stash, play bass and drums in several of his piano songs. Sal displays his amazing guitar playing skills in Making Sense Of It All where he adds a simplicity and depth to the song. A big thank you to Sal! Randy would also like to thank Amber Flynn for doing an amazing job as audio engineer for his piano albums! Thanks also to Chris Hobson for a great job mastering all his piano albums! Thank you to all his fans for listening to his songs and showing their support!